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Monday, February 19, 2018

Under the rules for ritual dueling, or Zellbrigen, Clan pilots must declare targets for each of their dueling Mechs prior to the start of the battle. During the duel, no other Clan warrior may attack either of the dueling Mechs. If a second enemy Mech/Sub-Unit interferes with a duel, the dueling Clan Pilot may attack the offender, provided that another Clan pilot has not already challenged them to a duel. A duel ends when one combatant is destroyed, or disabled. At this time, a new challenge may be made to any un-challenged Mechwarriors. Since Zellbrigen is considered the most honorable form of Combat, and a matter of Personal Glory, as well as Glory to the Clan, all Pilots involved in Zellbrigen Combat will ensure that they are clearly and noticeably indicated to their opponents. This means that Radar will ALWAYS be on, during a Zellbrigen engagement. Zellbrigen is ONLY used in Planetary Assault Mission Types, and may or may not be invoked by an attacker during Raids and/or Recons, although both sides are equally welcome to accept or reject Zellbrigen in Raids and/or Recons.

Zellbrigen Combat will be conducted in the following manner: In the Engagement Lobby, prior to the launch into the Mission, Pilots will first select the Chassis type for the Mech that they have been assigned for that Battle. This is imperative, and not doing so will constitute a violation of Zellbrigen. Once Assigned Chassis have been selected, the Pilots will issue verbal challenges for dueling to members of the opposing Team. The Attacker will challenge the Defender on the First Engagement, and the Defender will issue the challenges on the next, alternating until the end of the night's Battles. The Engagement will not begin until all Pilots have been paired off. In the event of an Overrun Engagement, the unassigned opponents must wait at the Spawn Point, Shut Down, until an opponent becomes available to be challenged. All Mechwarriors in the Battle will remain at their Spawn Points until all Pilots have entered the Simulation. Once all Pilots have entered the Simulation, the designated Ranking officer on each Team will indicate "Ready" to their Opposing Team's Ranking Pilot. It is at this Point, that Combat may begin. Paired off Pilots will confirm with their assigned Opponents that they are ready to begin their Duel, by verbal confirmation of "I am Ready".

At this point, the Mechs may power up, move in, and engage each other on Sight and/or Radar Contact. Once in the Simulation, the paired off Mechs will not fire on any other Mech involved in the Drop, and will fire only on their designated opponents, even if they pass another Mech on their way to meet up with their opponent. Remember that other Mechs may be dueling near you, so it is incumbent upon the Pilots to know where their shots are landing, and to ensure that they do not hit anyone that they are not supposed to! Following a successful Duel, the victorious Mechwarrior will REMAIN at his last location, and immediately SHUT DOWN, to await another opponent. It is at this point that additional Warriors waiting at the spawn point in an Overrun battle, or other victorious Pilots can Challenge the now unengaged Mechwarrior (They must remain shut down as well), or he may issue his own challenge to an opponent that is awaiting an opponent. Once the new challenge is made and accepted, the two opposing Pilots will indicate their current location, and then they may Power up their Mechs, and the process between the two new dueling Pilots is once again conducted as above. The Shutting down of the Mechs and the Location indication is to prevent an Opponent from gaining an unfair advantage by lining up a shot on a Mech that has just won a Victory.

Tactical use of Terrain, to close in on an opponent to within YOUR weapon's range is permitted, and encouraged, since Combat begins upon visual/Radar Contact with your Opponent. This does NOT mean that Pilots are permitted to hide behind buildings and such. If your Opponent has Long Range Weapons, and you are carrying Short Range Weapons, you will undoubtedly want to close to within your Weapon's effective Range before firing, but it is unrealistic to assume that your opponent will wait until you are within your weapon's range before engaging you! Be smart, and use the terrain to cover your approach. As with all things "Clan", the indicated Violations, as listed below can be "bid away" during a Batchall, although it must be agreed upon by both parties before being implemented.

Violations of Zellbrigen
The Following list contains example of situations that constitute a Violation of Zellbrigen, and a breach of Clan Rules of Engagement:

· Turning Radar Off: Turning Radar off at any Time (with the sole exception of Shutting down between engagements, and Shutdowns caused by Heat) constitutes a Violation of Zellbrigen

· Blatant Running Away/Retreating/Withdrawal: This is difficult to establish and prove, however if your opponent is leading you on a merry old' goose chase, then it is safe to say that he is running away from you. Such actions should be readily visible to others in the simulation as well. This constitutes a Violation of Zellbrigen.

· Shooting a Shut down Mech: Unless the shut down Mech is your assigned opponent and the Shut Down occurred due to heat or due to another Pilot error, then it is considered a Violation of Zellbrigen. In other words, you may shoot at a Shut down Mech, but it must not only be your assigned opponent, but they must have shut down in the course of Battle.

· Pop-up Sniping: This is a known Tactic used on the Web, and although extremely effective, violates the spirit of what an honorable duel is/should be. Zellbrigen is an "in your face" one-on-one fight, where skill, accuracy, and knowledge are your tools, not cowardice. Use of the Pop-Up and Snipe tactic constitutes a Violation of Zellbrigen.

· Shooting a Mech other than your assigned Opponent constitutes a Violation of Zellbrigen: This is extremely easy to determine, and such actions constitute a Violation of Zellbrigen.

· Exploitation of any known Bugs: Mechwarrior has Bugs. We all know it. Exploitation of a "Known Bug" it is against Zellbrigen Rules. Using such tactics will not only result in a complete loss of the engagement for the Side that Violates the Rules, but it will also Violate Zellbrigen.

· Area of Effect Weapons: The use of "Area of Effect Weapons" such as Artillery, and High Explosives will completely and immediately void Zellbrigen, if employed during a Zellbrigen Duel.

· Hiding: Intentionally hiding behind or inside a building or other obstruction in order to ambush your opponent is considered cowardly, and constitutes a Violation of Zellbrigen

· Bulldozing: Bulldozing, is when a Mech runs at another, at speed, colliding with them, and maintaining Contact, preventing an opponent from opening up distance between them, and simply pushing the opposing 'Mech around, while dumping shots into them. This is not honorable combat, and does not show "Skill", nor accuracy. This so-called "Tactic" constitutes a Violation of Zellbrigen.

· Legging or Limbing: This action in considered unhonorable and counter productive to a battle to the death where destroying your opponent is the goal.

· Ejecting: It is never considered honorable for a Clan warrior to eject. You are expected to pilot your vehicle to the bitter end so that you may help achieve victory for the clan, because after all the clan is more important that your individual life.

Mechwarriors following the Clan Rules of Engagement will follow dueling protocols as long as other forces do so. However, if an enemy violates Zellbrigen (a third party interfering, a Mech involved in one duel firing on a Mech in another duel, even accidentally, and so on), a Clan warrior need no longer follow any battlefield protocol, turning the engagement into what the Clans call a Melee. Breaking of Zellbrigen can result in a loss of honor for the Team that breaks it first, so Team leaders will have to be extremely certain that it has indeed been broken, before turning the engagement into a Melee. After an Engagement becomes a Melee, The Team leaders can decide to attempt the following Engagements as Zellbrigen Combat, and increase their honor, and risk losing additional Honor, or they may continue with the following engagements as Melee, without further risk of losing Honor.

Refusal by an Inner Sphere Team to adhere to Clan precepts of honor by, for example, running away, voids Zellbrigen, however tactical movement to make use of terrain IS permissible, so detailed examination of the situation will be required by the Battle Commanders. Furthermore, while Clan Teams may challenge Inner Sphere Teams to duel, the same Clan Team need not accept challenges made by Inner Sphere Teams. Honor can be gaining by acceptance, however. If dueling is agreed to, it is the pilot's and Team Leader's responsibility to follow them. The League Administrator will not regulate the conduct of dueling battles. Increases in Team honor can be associated with proper use and observance of the Dueling rules, however.

Clans can accept a Batchall Agreement, and further restrict/limit the Rules of Engagement when fighting Clan vs. Clan. When this is accepted, additional Honor Points will be awarded to the Teams involved, however Bidding will determine which restrictions will be used by either or both sides.

Physical Attacks
Unlike the formal dueling protocol, the Clans' avoidance of physical Mech attacks is an informal, if widespread, custom. To reflect this custom, Clan warriors following Rules of Engagement will never make physical attacks against another Clan Warrior unless they have absolutely NO Weapons remaining. Clan Warriors may make physical attacks against Inner Sphere opponents, but only if an enemy makes one first. This includes DFA (Death From Above). Against Inner Sphere Opponents, where Rules of Engagement have not been invoked, a Clan may use Physical Attacks without reservations.

The Batchall

The Batchall is the ritual by which Clan Warriors issue combat challenges. Though the challenge may take many forms, in most cases the Batchall begins with the attacker identifying who they are and, announcing the objective of the Trial, and requesting to know what forces stand against him. The defender (particularly if a Clan Team) must reveal the force they intend to use in the trial, and also may choose the mission for the battle, in accordance with the Combat Rules. Because of its very nature, a Batchall will take place prior to any Battle. A Batchall is, for all intents and purposes, a pre-arranged battle, where both sides have agreed to certain limitations. Assuming that the defender replies that he accepts the Batchall, the process can begin. The defender also has the right to ask the attacker to ante up a prize of equal value against the possibility the defender wins the trial, though the challenged party rarely takes advantage of this opportunity.

Because Inner Sphere troops regularly use deception and other tactics that the Clans consider dishonorable, many Clans have abandoned the Batchall when fighting Inner Sphere foes. In the event of a Batchall battle using Zellbrigen, violation of these dueling rules can also void the Batchall. The choice will remain with the Khan, whether or not to offer a Batchall to Inner Sphere Teams.

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