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Monday, February 19, 2018

Greetings potential Warriors of Clan Wolf!


 If you want to become a full member of the Clan then read on...


 Requirements to begin application for CWI, in order:

  • You must create an account on the Clan Wolf Forum.  (
  • You must introduce yourself in the introductions thread.  (Introductions)
  • You must be able to play Mechwarrior Online.
  • You must have a headset and be on Teamspeak (you should have done that by now).
  • You must be an active part of the clan (use the forums, Teamspeak, ect).
  • You must Sign the Code of Conduct as it becomes available (once you make Cadet).
  • You must be able to attend weekly training and meetings.
  • If you are under 18 be aware that the matter of your maturity will be called into question, so if you act like a child you are not going to be allowed in.
  • You must not be a part of another unit.


Welcome to the Clan Wolf Web Server.  It is good that you have got this far, but the journey is not over yet.  If you feel you have what it takes to join the Clan then there are a few tests you have to go through...


first you must find and log on to our TeamSpeak server  (  Make sure you use your MWO player name so it makes it easier for us to add you into our drops.  Be aware that you may need to hang about in the lobby for a bit until someone comes to greet you.  It's not because we are unsociable we just like to say hello.  


- As a Guest to the teamspeak you will first arrive in "Landing Pad" which is by default where players first land in the teamspeak

- You as the guest will be greeted by an - The Star Commander will walk you as the Guest through the "Join Clan Wolf" process, application, introduction, and the explanation of our Unit and Rules.

- You as the Guest is then assigned "Cadet" or "Bondsman" tags once the Application has been completed. There is no functional difference between the two, but there is a Lore-difference. 

the person you talk to should be able to assist forum registration if needed and grant you [Sibkin] tags that will allow you to see what is going on. Remember the [Sibkin] tag only gives you access to the Teamspeak, not to the forums.  This is only to keep track of people interested in Joining Clan wolf international.  As a bondsman or Sibkin you are not a Full member as this is a probationary period to see how well you fit in with the clan.  The minimum time period as a [Sibkin] is 4 weeks. This Sibkin Process is a 2 Phase system each being minimum 2 weeks for each. When you get you Sibkin tags on the Teamspeak you begin the First Phase of your sibkin training with us


A Cadet is a warrior coming up through a Clan’s training program, while a Bondsman is a warrior from another Clan or Inner Sphere unit that has shown promise and is being considered for induction into Clan Wolf -You may also be assigned Cluster tags (328th Assault Cluster or 1st Wolf Guardians). If not, these tags will be assigned once you figure out which unit best fits you.  The person you talk to should be able to assist forum registration if needed and grant you [Cadet/Bondsman] tags that will allow you to see into some channels on TeamSpeak. Also, by registering an account on the Forums you will have some additional access.   As a Cadet or Bondsman you are not a Full member as this is a probationary period to see how well you fit in with the Clan.   The minimum time period as a Cadet or Bondsman is 3 weeks. During this time you will fill out the entry requirements in your Codex by introducing yourself to members of the Clan, proving a basic understanding of how different components of MWO are played, demonstrating a basic understanding of BattleTech/MechWarrior Lore, and similar tasks. 


Here in CWI once you join Codex will be created for you. Your codex will comprise of all the information and accolades and achievements about you. This thread is the template your Codex will first start out in any Star Commander or will create this thread for you - Codex Template. Here is the explanation for each entry - Explanation on Codex Entries


Once you have completed the entry requirements in the Codex, you will need to take part in the Warrior Induction Ceremony where you will be formally recognized by the assembled Clan and accepted into the Warrior Caste. These are held once a week, and the times are posted on the calendar on our Forum’s front page two weeks out. If you anticipate needing a different time it is imperative that you let your mentor or the Oathmaster know so that an adjustment can be made. Once you have been inducted you will have your Cadet or Bondsman tags in TeamSpeak replaced by a Warrior tag, and receive the CWI Member tag. You will also receive an invitation to the in-game MWO unit, and your forum permissions will be expanded.


But wait, there is more! As a newly-minted warrior you are excused from certain duties expected of warriors, namely mentoring new players and doing warrior reviews. This is so that you can prepare for your Trial of Position. There is no penalty for failure, but success brings with it the red daggerstar ‘branch’ tag on TeamSpeak. Currently CWI only awards branch tags in MWO, but we are exploring other games that may require infantry, pilot, and even civilian caste insignia.


Important Note: You as the Cadet or Bondsman have the final say on where you wish to go in regards to assignments. You also have final say on who your mentor (or bondholder) is. 



Thank you and welcome to Clan Wolf!

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