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Monday, February 19, 2018

Nicholas Kerensky decided to do away with the old military rankings and organized the Clan military using units called Stars. Because normal stars are usually drawn with five points, the military Stars would consist of five units called Points.

 The Points would be designated the numbers 1 to 5 and ranked on superiority, with 5 being lowest and 1 being highest. Point 1 is the most superior of the Points and hence the Point Commander of Point 1 is usually the Star Commander.

 A Star Commander commands a single star consisting of himself and 4 warriors

A Star Captain commands three Stars, referred to as a Trinary.

A Star Colonel commands two or more Trinaries, making a cluster.

A Galaxy Commander commands two or more clusters.

The Loremaster is the keeper of Clan laws and history. The position is honourable and politically powerful. The Loremaster plays key role in inquiries and trials, where he is often assigned the role of Advocate or Interrogator. To determine who replaces a retired or deceased Loremaster, the Clan Council elects a member found suitable for the position.

The saKhan is the second-in-command of a Clan. His or her duties are less well-defined than that of the Khan, and often involve doing what is necessary to carry out the Khan's agenda.

The Khan is the highest rank in Clan society, designating the leader of a Clan.

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