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Monday, February 19, 2018

We are Clan Wolf, Children of Kerensky. We are named for the Strana Mechty wolf, a mighty apex predator, whose members hunt to serve the pack, as the pack shelters and strengthens its members. This is the example for our people, the example we show our brother and sister clans, and how we hunt.


The Founder chose to join his blood and that of his wife and brother to the Wolf Clan in recognition of our strength, our wisdom and our Way. We shall continue in the Way of honor to provide a shining example, a beacon to light the path to Terra as an example to all humanity. We shall not fail nor falter, as long as we keep to our troth. Thus it shall stand until we all shall fall.


We of Clan Wolf engage in games of skill in order to celebrate camaraderie and fun. We use the existing lore of the Battletech Intellectual Properties as a guide, but not the rule. These are the guiding principles of our Rede.



1. General Orders


a. Members of Clan Wolf are equals in respect and honor, regardless of caste or rank. Respect and Honor bind each of us, Whelp to Warrior, Warrior to Khan.

b. No member of Clan Wolf shall insult, upbraid, degrade nor dishonor another, regardless of position or perception of disrespect from the other.

c. Members shall not engage in threats, harassment and trolling behavior, as well as circumvention of the chain of command with intent to violate the CoC.

d. The chain of command exists for the support of the least and the function of the whole, obedience to orders is required of those below, and support, guidance and training is required of those above in order that we may remain strong.

e. Disputes between members, regardless of rank, may be mediated by an officer of the Keshik, where the dispute does not involve obedience to a reasonable order.

f. No Member shall exhibit disloyalty to the Clan, either by communicating information about Clan Wolf or its members given in confidence, or betraying the Clan through the attempt to recruit other members for a rival unit.

g. Members shall report infractions of conduct via their chain of command.



2. Conduct in Chat


a. Members shall not use degrading, sexist, racist or otherwise derogatory language, nor post such material as avatars or in the chat line. The criterion invoking this rule is a single complaint.

b. Members shall observe and note scheduled meetings, unit training and events as required in the channel.

c. Members shall report misconduct via their chain of command or to any officer of the Keshik.

d. Members shall not wear a Bloodname they have neither earned, nor have been awarded and recognized by the Clan.

e. Members shall not wear an alternate designation in an attempt to mislead another member as to their identity.

f. Members shall keep to the channels which are appropriate to their rank and level of responsibility unless specifically invited for an authorized purpose.

g. Officers shall not abuse their permissions. This includes falsely altering tags, changing permissions, or moving personnel between channels without regard for proper procedure.

h. Members who have active soundboards shall not spam them in channel, the minimum criterion for cessation is one complaint.

i. Members are cautioned that being under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not excuse violations of the Code of Conduct.

j. In communication with non-members of Clan Wolf, be they Guests, members of allied units or former members, Members of Clan Wolf shall conduct themselves with honor and respect for those non-members in every case. If such a non-member is the subject of a ban, that must be reported, but in dealing with someone who has dishonored themselves, members shall keep their own behavior beyond question.

k. Members (even Officers), shall be mindful of the Policies and Procedures when interacting with non-members so as not to place themselves in the position of acting on behalf of the Clan as a whole, but shall refer such contacts to the relevant authority. Members will be delegated such authority as required under Policies and Procedures.



3. Conduct on the Clan Wolf Forums


a. Members shall not use degrading, sexist, racist or otherwise derogatory language, nor post such material as avatars or in the chat line. The criterion invoking this rule is a single complaint.

b. Members shall read all new posts since their last visit to the Forums.

c. Members shall respond to Private Messages at their earliest opportunity, if at least to reply in acknowledgement.

d. Members shall follow the Policies and Procedures as described in the Forum postings and the Tabs on the Web Site.



4. Conduct on the Forums of Sanctioned Games or other third-party venues.


a. Members shall not use degrading, sexist, sexually explicit, racist or otherwise derogatory language, nor post such material as avatars.

b. Members shall follow such rules as the venue requires, in addition to this Code of Conduct.

c. Members shall not use their position in Clan Wolf in an inappropriate manner nor attempt to treat with others on behalf of the Clan.



5. Conduct in-Game


a. Where a commander has been chosen for a drop or similar scenario, regardless of rank, all warriors are required to follow that commander’s orders for the drop, this includes Private User’s (PUGs), who are accorded command by acclamation.

b. Members shall demonstrate Communications Discipline at all times during the match, to keep the channel clear for target calls and orders.

c. Members shall abide by the Code of Conduct of the game in question, in addition to the Clan Wolf Code of Conduct.

d. Members shall not intentionally fire on friendlies for any reason, even in response to another’s misconduct.

e. Members shall not employ cheats or exploits in order to gain unfair advantage during a game session.

f. Members may, at their option, engage in honor duels with members of the opposing team, as long as such behavior does not disrupt the normal conduct of the drop.



6. Conduct in Trials


a. When not an active participant in the trial in question, members are required to mute their microphones and refrain from typing in chat unless otherwise directed by the Oathmaster of the Conclave.

b. Members shall follow the instructions of the Oathmaster of the Conclave in all matters.

c. Trials shall be conducted in a manner as prescribed in the current Procedures for that Conclave on the Clan Wolf Web Site.

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