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Monday, February 19, 2018

Mechwarrior is the lowest rank in the Clan but is the back bone of Clan activity. Each Star has 4 Warriors who serve under a Star Commander.


  • Required to be active in MWO, on the Clan Wolf forums and our Teamspeak.
  • Required to always set an example of honor, positive attitude and conduct in front of Cadets, Sibko and Guests.
  • Required to check the Clan Wolf forums a minimum of 3 times a week and respond to private messages (pms) when received.
  • Required to report in to schedule training.
  • Required to post a "Leave of Absence" thread in the forum of that name for absences longer than 7 days.
  • Required to drop with and submit reviews of Sibko as often as possible.
  • Required to seek out a Cadet and "sponsor" them, helping them learn the way of the Clan, our lore and ways, mech construction and "Zel" training, until that cadet passes their ToP and becomes a Warrior, then a new Cadet is sought.
  • *Should a cadet be found lacking in skills, lore, attitude or in ability to follow our Code of Conduct upon attempting to take their ToP, that cadet's sponsor Warrior may also be subject to punishment for non performance of duty; at the discretion of the Keshik.
  • Failure to meet to the duties of a Warrior MAY result in the Warrior being returned to Cadet status for a refresh of Clan Code of Conduct.


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