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Monday, February 19, 2018

 Star Colonel is an earned rank that is the highest rank in the Clans with it comes the right to hold higher offices like Khan, SaKhan, Loremaster, Oathmaster, and Galaxy Commander.



  • Manage his/her Cluster (Binaries Cluster = 4 Stars) or (Trinary Cluster = 6 Stars).
  • Meet with and organize Star Captains for Community Warfare.
  • Send regular reports to the Galaxy Commander.
  • Manage the Binary or Trinary and turn in request for promotions, demotions and transfers to the Galaxy Commander.
  • Ensure that all reported "Inactive" positions are made known to their Gal Com so they may be filled asap and the Units "Ready Status" known.
  • Monitor our Forums and those of MWO for CWI members not upholding a mature and honourable standard.


Requirements and Recommendations to be Star Colonel:

  • Required to be active in the position and shown an unwavering dedication to the Clan.
  • Required to have earned Star Captain before promotion to Star Colonel.
  • Required to turn in reports to the Galaxy Commander. Failure to report may result in demotion or reprimand.
  • Use the Clan Admin Tool to keep members of his units record up to date and current


The Executive Officer (Normally a Star Colonel) is the second in command under the current Galaxy Commander and acts on his/her behalf in their absence. This doubles the Command's presence online. The Exo serves at the discresion of their Com.


  • Maintain a close and solid relationship with their CO so that in their absence, the Exo can handle situations as they would themselves. This includes Disciplinary actions and the issuing of orders and personelle changes.
  • The Exo is also the CO's eyes and ears in regards to the troops, keeping the Co advised of problems, potential drama, misconduct and good news about those in the unit. A Co should never be "Blind-sided" by an issue the Exo knows about.
  • Maintain an "Open Door" policy so those under feel they always have an ear. There will be times the Exo must send them to their Chain of Command but this is a valuable means of knowing the health and moral of the unit.


Requirements and Recommendations to be an Exo.

  • Required to be active within the Clan and demonstrated an unwavering dedication to working to benefit both the Unit and the Clan above themselves.
  • Required to have demonstrated an ability to handle the day to day Admin of the Office and a noted potential to hold the CO position.
  • Required frequent contact between Co and Exo (Cell phone calls, Texts or Pms) as the Co deems needed so the 2 function as a team.
  • Drawbacks to the Position: This can be a very Stressful and Time consuming position. Hours spent talking and solving problems when everyone else is playing and dropping; and the Exo's "powers" based upon what they "know" their CO will back them on, can weigh heavy and risk Burn out. A desire to "Work behind the scenes" is required as a Successful day will be one that nobody will hear of the Problems the Exo has handled. The Exo is not a position of Glory, but one of service.



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