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Monday, February 19, 2018

SAKHAN: The SaKhan {XO} is selected by the Khan to be the Executive Officer of the Clan. As XO most SaKhans are often used like a blunt weapon to keep officers in line and force officers to do there duties.


  1. Perform the duties of Khan when ever the Khan is not present.
  2. Perform the Dirty work of the Khan and Keshik as dictated by his/her office.
  3. Work with the Officers of the Keshik to maintain the Clan.

Requirements and Recommendations to be SaKhan:

  1. Required to have no less than one year of experience with the Clan system and know ranks, duties and laws of the Clan.
  2. Required to be active in the position.
  3. Recommended “BLOODNAMED” A SaKhan that holds no Bloodname can not sit in of a Bloodname Council meeting and has little or no power to defend him self  or the Khan against the Bloodnamed Council. “See Blood Rights”.
  4. Required “Rank” The SaKhan holds the rank of Star Colonel. The step up to the Title of SaKhan should not jump a Warrior past Star Captain with our formal promotion first. A Bloodnamed warrior is allowed to move form any rank to Khan. See Bloodrights.

Drawbacks to holding the rank:

  1. SaKhan is rarely popular if he/she is doing the job.
  2. The SaKhan is best used like a mad dog on a leash that every one thinks will bite them in the ass.
  3. Every thing that the SaKhan dose reflects on the Khan. The Khan can remove you from your office at will and if the Khan is removed from office so are you.
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