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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Oathmaster {Training and Operations Officer} is appointed by the Khan to run all Training Operations and reports to the Khan/saKhan.



  • Organize all Clan meetings.
  • Select Training officers from the ranks of the Clan.
  • Oversee the quality of training recieved by all Cadets so that the Clan recieves skilled and knowledgeable Warriors in both Lore and Combat. Ensure that the lesson plans used by the Training Cadre are accurate and up to date.
  • Ensure that ALL new warriors recieve a briefing on their new duties and responcibilities upon passing their Trial of Position IMEDIATELY after their tags being updated. This is to take place in the interview room or Oathmaster's Office prior to the new warrior being allowed to freely enter TS after a successful trial. This can be assigned to Training Cadre Officers.
  • Manage all Trials by Combat so they stay with in Clan Laws.
  • Work with the Keshik to provide smooth, timely and up to date Training of the Sibko & Cadets, making sure that all Sibko and cadets are held at their position for the correct amount of time and if held longer, a reason is provided.
  • Ensure that all reviews of Sibkin are read and all issues posted in the reviews are addressed prior to a Sibko being made a Cadet. Once the Cadet status is made, their review in the forum is removed and sent to the Loremaster for Secure keeping. *see Loremaster Duties*
  • Documents to the Loremaster/ Distribution Officer all the results of all Trials and Training, making them aware of new Warriors ready for placement.
  • Work with the Keshik to oversee the training of new officers in the use of the Clan Admin so that SComms can perform their Admin duties.
  • Be familiar with the Clan Admin tool and ensure that records are kept and maintained accuratly


Requirements and Recommendations to be Oathmaster:

  • Required to have a Bloodname. The Oathmaster is the most honored position in the Clan it is a reward for service often given to the oldest Blooded Warrior in the Clan.
  • Required to be active in the position.
  • Required to have a complete knowledge of Clan trials and variants used in the books.
  • Required "Rank" The Oathmaster holds the rank of Star Colonel.
  • The step up to the Title of Oathmaster should not jump a Warrior past Star Captain with our formal promotion first. A Bloodnamed warrior is allowed to move form any rank to Oathmaster. See Bloodrights.


Drawbacks to holding the rank:

  • The Oathmaster often has to fight the Keshik to find time to run training and maintain a strong grip on how he demands trials to be run.
  • The Oathmaster is NOT a command position, but a very important place of Honor as they oversee quality of new members entering our clan. The Oathmaster shapes our Clan's Future.
  • The Oathmaster works very closely with the Loremaster in the case of a fight between them Clan Law DEMANDS both step down from office and temporary officers be placed in office till conflict can be resolved.


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