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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Loremaster {Judge} is appointed by the Khan as Judge, keeper of the history and law of the Clan. The Loremaster answers only to the Bloodnamed Council but works in the Keshik to advise the Keshik officers of Clan law and Clan lore.



  • Keep the Clan records up to date wherever they are stored. Maintains a Secure Forum for all Reviews of Sibko/Cadets. Should a problem arise, a SCol may request to view a persons file (and ONLY that file) to see if the problem is a repeatative one already reported or a new developement. This will help in investigations.
  • Monitor our Forums and those of MWO for potential problems/ Drama and respond in a firm yet honorable representation of our Clan.
  • Build relationships with other units to keep communications open and strengthen alliances.
  • Work with the Keshik, advice the Clan on all Clan laws and stand judge.
  • Works with the Keshik to maintain a workable balance between Lore and MWO gameplay.
  • Organize and hold "Trials of Bloodrite" as the Clan Council deems needed.
  • Works with the Keshik to see that the rules of Zelbringin are up to date and workable for all Trials and that the "Meta" builds are avoided.
  • Loremaster is not a military rank however he can be called upon in times of war to lead a unit
  • Select JaG officer to aid the office as Loremaster deems fit.
  • Record/minute all Meetings.
  • Required "Rank" The Loremaster holds the rank of Star Colonel.
  • The step up to the Title of Loremaster should not jump a Warrior past Star Captain with our formal promotion first. A Bloodnamed warrior is allowed to move form any rank to Loremaster. See Bloodrights.
  • Be familiar with the Clan Admin tool and ensure that records are kept and maintained accuratly


Requirements and Recommendations to be Loremaster:

  • Required to have a Bloodname. The office demands the Loremaster to stand Judge over all Clan proceedings.
  • Required to be active in the position and have shown, beyond a doubt, their devotion to the Clan.
  • Required to have a Strong knowledge of Clan Lore as they keep our Lore based Clan on it's proper path yet workable within MWO.


Drawbacks to holding the rank:

  • Loremaster is one of the single most labor intensive job in the clans. It requires hours of paper work and a constant head in the books to provide the Clan with valid Laws and Lore and a balance between them and MWO gameplay.
  • The Loremaster often finds him self in odds with the Clan and misunderstandings on the Way of the Clans and the target of Trolls on the MWO forums as they are the official Voice there.
  • Loremasters that do not have a JaG officer can find them self standing alone defending themself over Clan Law or tradition.


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