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Monday, February 19, 2018

KHAN: The Khan {CO} is elected into office by the Bloodnamed Council to be the commanding officer of the Clan. As the commanding officer the Khan serves by making the hard calls to move the clan quickly in ever changing politics of the League.


  1. Find and maintain the Clan in an active League.
  2. Work with League and the officers of other Clans, Factions, or Units to ensure the Clans Name stands for Honor and Good Sportsmanship.
  3. Lead the Clan for the well-being of the clan and the League.
  4. Ensure the officers of the Keshik are performing the Duties there Rank and Title demand.
  5. Select a SaKhan and empower him/her to do the Khans job when needed.
  6. Work with the Loremaster to ensure Clan Law is ever enforced.
  7. Work with the Oathmaster to ensure Clan Rituals, Rites and Training is done up to Clan Standards.
  8. Work with the Galaxy Commanders to prepare them for war.

Requirements and Recommendations to be Khan:

  1. Required to have no less than one year of experience with the Clan system and know ranks, duties and laws of the Clan.
  2. Required to be active in the position.
  3. Recommended “BLOODNAMED” A Khan that holds no Bloodname can not sit in of a Bloodname Council meeting and has little or no power to defend him self against the Bloodnamed Council. “See Blood Rights”.
  4. Required “Rank” The Khan holds the rank of Star Colonel. The step up to the Title of Khan should not jump a Warrior past Star Captain with out formal promotion first. A Bloodnamed warrior is allowed to move form any rank to Khan. See Bloodrights.

Drawbacks to holding the rank:

  1. The Khan often gets left out of games because he is required to manage how the Clan fits in the League and its politics. 
  2. The Khan is ever being watched by the Bloodnamed Council and can be removed from office with vote of 2/3 from a council meeting of no less than ten Blooded Warriors that includes the required meeting officers. See Clan Laws for outlines of this meeting type.
  3. A Khan must not micro manages his officers. The Khan may do disciplinary actions as long as they do not conflict with Clan law to make officers do the Duties there office demands.
  4. Many Khans become burnt out in a year or two because of the stress of job.
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