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Monday, February 19, 2018

Galaxy Commander is a Star Colonel placed in command of a Galaxy. This office reports to and is at the Khans discretion he/she can remove or replace the Gal Com at his/her discretion.


  • Manage the (2-3) Clusters of the Galaxy and meet with the Star Colonels.
  • Promote or Demote Officers to better the Galaxy. This may be done at the Galaxy Commanders discretion. Rank changes in the Galaxy are one of the Galaxy Commanders primary Duties as is assignment of new Warriors to Unit Commanders for placement within their Clusters.
  • Organize Community Warfare Drop Commanders.
  • Maintain close relations with other Galaxy Commanders within CWI.
  • Use the Clan Admin Tool to keep members of his units record up to date and current


Requirements and Recommendations to be Galaxy Commander:

  • Required to hold Star Colonel rank or have recently been promoted by The Khan.
  • Required to be active in the position.
  • Recommended to have a Bloodname or entrance into Trials of Bloodrite as they become available, showing a desire to advance higher.
  • Recommended to have Military rank knowledge or real life service.


Drawbacks to holding the rank:

  • The Galaxy Commander has to constantly deal with his officers moving in the ranks and personnel moving between Clusters. The Galaxy Commander also deals with all issues between their Cluster and the others, such as (but not limited to) insubordination to another Cluster's officers, requests for transfer and inter unit training.
  • This can be a very stressful and time consuming position requiring many hours of discussion and work when playing MWO would be preferred.



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