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Monday, February 19, 2018


A Cadet is a person undergoing military training by their birth Clan. They may be Trueborn, or Freebirth.


A Bondsman is a person who has been captured and whose continued presence is seen as beneficial to the Clan. Most often it is applied to a Warrior from another Clan or an Inner Sphere unit, but civilians may also be taken as Bondsmen. When a Warrior becomes a Bondsman he can endeavor to be recognized as a warrior in his new Clan. Warriors who achieve this are known as abtakha to their new Clan.

What does this mean to Clan Wolf International?

The choice of being a Cadet or Bondsman is a bit of roleplay we make available. As a practical matter there are no differences between the two, but each is accorded its own TeamSpeak icon and title, and the words in the Warrior Induction Ceremony are somewhat different.



Be at least 18 years of age. Special permission from the Khan required for minors.

Act in a mature manner.

Have fun.

Be willing to be active in the Clan.

Seek to continue to improve your skills, both individual and as part of a group



-To move up from Cadet or Bondsman to Warrior you must complete a Codex

-Here is the Codex Template with explanation on entries:

-As part of the Codex members of CWI will be writing reviews, here is the Review Template:

-When a Cadet or Bondsman has completed their Codex entries, they must attend an Induction Ceremony before the Clan (held Friday nights at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. If you know you need an accommodation let your mentor know!)

-For an additional piece of roleplay we provide our Warriors with the opportunity to take a Trial of Position (link appropriate field)


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