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Monday, February 19, 2018
Trial of Possession

A. Reasons for a Trial of Possession
  • Sponsorship of a Bondsman.
  • Acquisition of a WARRIOR from another OFFICER.
  • Acquisition of a person from another unit.
  • Acquisition of Rank; if permitted by Rank's chain of command.
B. Procedure of a Trial of Possession
  1. Contact the person that the Trial of Possession will be fought over, and ensure that they accept the consequences of either outcome; if they do not, then the Trial of Possession is null and void.
  2. Contact the current Sponsor or OFFICER directly in the chain of command of the individual that will be fought over and issue the Trial of Possession; ie I, Star Captain John Smith, challenge Star Commander Jane Smith to a Trial of Possession, for Sibko Jessie Smith.
  3. The Challenged Sponsor or OFFICER may then demand something of equal value if they defeat the Challenger; ie. aBondsman or WARRIOR of equal rank and skill.
  4. Once the issuing of the Trial of Possession is complete, the Batchall (bidding ritual) starts.
  5. Each successive bid of force is deemed lesser than the previous bid; causing both parties to keep undercutting each other until they reach an agreement on the minimum amount of force each side will commit.
  6. ie. I bid Heavy-class, they bid Medium-class, I bid 55 tons, they bid 40 tons which must be accepted by both parties, because it is the lowest weight possible of the Medium-class bids.
  7. Further bidding may be continue on different terms in Section C. Biddable Terms.
  8. Once bidding is complete, both parties must accept with "Bargained well and done"; at this point, no other terms may be agreed to and the process to start the Circle of Equals will commence.
  9. The Challenged may select the map and the Challenger may select the grid location.
  10. The Trial of Possession will be fought in the CLAN WOLF tradition of Zellbrigen; reference CLAN WOLF Code of Conduct: Chapter V. Gameplay Rules of Engagement, Section C. Zellbrigen.
  11. The Trial of Possession will be fought in a Circle of Equals; 200 meters from each opponent and with any observers outside forming the circle.
  12. If any outside forces interfere with the Circle of Equals, the Trial of Possession is deemed null and void and theOffender, whom interfered, will face punishment per the Code of Conduct.
  13. Once the Circle of Equals is complete and a winner deemed victorious, the Isorla (prize) shall go to the winner for the betterment of CLAN WOLF.
  14. Only one challenge may be issued by a Challenger to the Challenged for the same Isorla (prize).
  15. A person may be challenged multiple times from different Challengers; however if deemed excessive by an Epsilon Galaxy decision for cadets and a Blood Council decision for all others, all future challenges may be null and voided.
C. Biddable Terms
  • Server Region
  • Mech-Class
  • Mech-Tonnage
  • Mech-Chassis
  • Weapon Restrictions
  • Equipment Restrictions
  • Module Restrictions
D. General Rules
  • Zellbrigen
  • 200m Circle of Equals
  • 1st Person Only
  • One challenge per Challenger only.
  • Challenged may be challenged from different Challengers.
  • Bloodnamed do not have to accept a challenge by non-blooded.
  • The use of a Champion is reserved for the KHAN only.
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