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The vast majority of promotions within CWI are a matter of office rather than achievement. That is, a person steps into duties where ‘rank’ with special responsibilities and abilities that are necessary to be effective. What exceptions exist are reserved for those who have dedicated a great deal of time and energy over multiple years, and are part of that person stepping away from an active role in the Clan.

How Clan Wolf International runs Trials of Position


• Matches shall be conducted using private lobbies.

• A judge, known as the Oathmaster, will officiate. If not the official Clan Oathmaster, this person must be either a Star Captain or possess a Bloodname

• No intentional headshots or legging. 

•The field (Oathmaster, Warrior, and Combatants) will be established following the Warrior’s induction to the Warrior Caste (or previous failed Trial of Position). Tonnages will be determined so that all necessary preparations can be made before the Trial. Note: there is a 1 week period between Induction (or previous failed Trial) and the Trial itself.

• Candidate must defeat at least one opponent (either destruction of the mech, or its ability to fight), and have no other active opponents in order to pass.

• Combatants will activate singly on indication by the testing Warrior. Inactive Combatants struck by weapon fire from the testing Warrior MAY activate at their discretion. 

• Anyone caught behaving dishonorably or interfering with the outcome of any portion of the Trials will be removed from the Trial, and will be referred to the Clan Council for disciplinary action. 

• Only clan mechs will be allowed in the Trial of Position. All components must be available for c-bills (no hero mechs, mechs on pre-order, or MC-release, or omnipods for the same). Champion and special (S) or Invasion (I) mechs and omnipods are allowed if and only if their basic counterpart has been released for c-bills

• Candidates will face threeMechWarriors, or two MechWarriors and one Star Commander (in the heaviest mech) if and only if a third MechWarrior with appropriate tonnage cannot be found. Candidate MUST defeat both MechWarriors before they may challenge the Officer. 

• Warriors that do not pass the Trial can take it again in no less than 7 days.

• Warriors have their choice of tonnage from 35-90 tons. Combatants will be 10 tons under, equal tonnage and 10 tons over the Warrior’s chosen chassis.

Loadout Restrictions

• No Consumables • No Radar Deprivation Module • No Flamers • No ECM

• No Seismic Sensor Module • No AMS •No  Streak SRMs


Weapon Restrictions


• 8 lasers max with the following restrictions

- Maximum 2 Large Class Lasers.

- Maximum 6 Medium Class Lasers.

- Maximum 6 Small Class Lasers.

• 4 Ballistics max with the following restrictions.

- Maximum 2 AC-20/UAC-20/LBX-20.

- Maximum 3 AC-10/UAC-10/LBX-10.

- Maximum 4 AC-2/UAC-2/LBX-2/AC-5/UAC-5/LBX-5.

•  No more than 2 Gauss.

• No more than 2 PPC/ERPPC.

• No more than 12 SRM tubes.

• No more than 30 LRM tubes.

- Maximum 2 LRM 5

- Maximum 2 LRM 10


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