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Monday, February 19, 2018

Trial of Entrance



A. Reasons for a Trial of Entrance

The Trial of Entrance is a formal ceremony for a SIBKIN to become a CADET and a full member of CLAN WOLF.

To prove that a SIBKIN is of the same value in skill, attitude, and ability as Clan Wolf Warriors. It is to show when a SIBKIN is ready to join in the ranks of Clan wolf International. This will show the new Sibkin that they belong to a bigger family within the Galaxy they are wishing to join as they test their skills against each other in combat.



B. Trial Setup


Team 1:



Sibkin's Sponsor


Team 2:

Opponent 1 Same weight class as Sibkin ( Lance Alpha)

Opponent 2 Same Weight class as Sibkin (Lance Bravo)

Opponent 3 Same Weight Class as Sibkin (Lance Charlie)


(Lights Vs Lights, Mediums Vs Mediums, Heavies Vs Heavies, Assaults Vs Assaults)


Acting Oathmaster will Assign the First Opponent by a 6-sided die roll: 1-2 = Combatant #1, 3-4 = Combatant #2, and 5-6 = Combatant #3.


Acting Oathmaster will Assign the Second Opponent by a 6-sided die roll: 1-2 = Combatant #1, 3-4 = Combatant #2, and 5-6 = Combatant #3; re-roll if First Opponent assigned is rolled again.


Note: Yes this means there can be; for example, 3 75ton heavies vs a 65 ton challenger, but this should be avoided by the acting Oathmaster presiding over the Trial.


Acting Oathmasters, Do your best to try to hold to the 10 tons lower, equal and 10 tons up for variety and fairness.



C. Loadout Restrictions


In order to promote a fair and balanced fight, certain configurations and weapons are restricted from use during all phases of the Trial of Entrance. The acting Oathmaster is responsible for ensuring both candidates’ loadouts are legal. Rules and Loadout restrictions are at par with our Trial of Bloodright as a set standard.


The following is PROHIBITED for use during TOE:



Radar Deprivation Module

Seismic Sensor Module



Streak SRMs

Flamers (as of March 11 2016)


Any mech not released for CBills, INCLUDING Hero mechs. Champion mechs ARE allowed as they have a matching C-Bill mech available.


Trial Mechs CAN be used BUT they must meet the loadout restrictions below. This does not reflect on what the 

warriors will bring if the sibkin chooses to bring a trial mech.


Loadout restrictions for TOE


The following list outlines the maximum amount of weapons allowed for any type:


• No more than 8 lasers total.

- Maximum 2 Large Class Lasers.

- Maximum 6 Medium Class Lasers.

- Maximum 6 Small Class Lasers.


• No more than 4 ballistics total.

- Maximum 2 AC-20/UAC-20/LBX-20.

- Maximum 3 AC-10/UAC-10/LBX-10.

- Maximum 4 AC-2/UAC-2/LBX-2/AC-5/UAC-5/LBX-5.


• No more than 2 Gauss.


• No more than 2 PPC/ERPPC.


• No more than 12 SRM tubes.


• No more than 30 LRM tubes.

 - No more than 2 LRM 5s or 2 LRM10s.


CLAN Mech-chassis ONLY




D. Map selection


The Acting Oathmaster will roll a six sided die and select the map it lands on


1.Canyon Network

2.Mining Collective

3.Viridian Bog

4.Forest Colony

5.Caustic Valley

6.River City


E. General Rules:


The acting OATHMASTER must be a STAR CAPTAIN or higher rank and preferably in the Chain of Command of the Sibkin taking the Trial of Entrance. (Home Garrison OR Future Galaxy) Arrangements can be made by Officers to help each other getting Trials passed.


- The acting OATHMASTER will determine the Grid-location for engagement on sight; it will not be near any other Opponents.

- The Acting Oathmaster will determine each Opponent via a 6 sided dice roll.

- The rank of WARRIOR and CADET is allowed to be an Opponent of the SIBKIN

- Sponsor WARRIORs are not allowed to be an Opponent against their own Bondsman.

- WARRIORs are not allowed to give any information to the SIBKIN or anyone else to compromise the Trial's Double-blind integrity..

- GUESTs will mute their voice on TeamSpeak before game launch.

- GUESTs, the SIBKIN, and the three Combatants will not move on in-game drop.

- GUESTs, WARRIORs, and the OATHMASTER will destroy their Mech-chassis when prompted to do so; by the OATHMASTER taking care not to hit the combatants. The SIBKIN and 3 Combatants will hold position until prompted to begin.

- The Sibkin will NOT know each Combatant’s Mech-chassis.

- The Sibkin will NOT know the correlation of each WARRIORs grid location.

- The Siblin will NOT know who their first, second, or third opponent will be

- The Sibkin and Combatants will follow or answer all prompts by the OATHMASTER.

-The Sibkin and Combatants will NOT intentionally Headshot and will NOT intentionally Leg.

-The Sibkin and WARRIORS will FIGHT to KILL.

- Any Combatant that is Unable to continue fighting by either losing all weapons or running out of ammo. They are to immediately announce they are unable to continue the engagement

-The Sibkin will fail their Trial of Entrance if they can NOT successfully destroy their First Opponent; or violates any rules.

-Failure requires a wait of 7 days before retesting may occur.



F. Violations deemed by Oathmaster to FAIL ToE:

 Intentionally head-shoots an opponent.

 Intentionally leg shoots an Opponent.

 Intentionally shoots anyone other than their challenged opponent.

 Bringing an invalid Loadout

 Uses Consumables; aka Coolant shot, Artillery, etc.

• behaves Dishonorably as deemed by the OATHMASTER presiding the Trial, examples may include not bringing enough ammunition for all 3 opponents, Hides or blatantly retreats from the engagement, using an exploit to gain an unfair advantage etc.

 Otherwise does not follow the OATHMASTER's instructions.


G. Setting up the Trial of Entrance


The Acting OATHMASTER must be a STAR CAPTAIN or higher rank, in the Chain of Command of the CADET taking the Trial of Entrance.


Schedule a date and time that is best for the Acting OATHMASTER, Sponsor WARRIOR, the SIBKIN, and three Combatants.


Consult the Sponsor WARRIOR and ensure that the SIBKIN is ready for their ToE and understands the rules going through them if there are questions.


Ask the SIBKIN what Mech-class they are choosing.


Ensure all three Combatants are in their designated Team 2 positions before the SIBKIN is invited to the in-game lobby; ensuring the SIBKIN does not know what Mech-chassis the Combatants are taking.


Hold the ToE in TeamSpeak channel: Special Events / Trial of Entrance


Once all GUESTs, the CADET, the three Combatants and the acting OATHMASTER are in the room and ready to start. Lock the Trial room on TS by setting a password then Unlock the channel once the trial has completed.


Only do ONE ToE per in game session.


Ensure the three Combatants know their role, per the rules of the ToE:


They are to obey command prompts by the OATHMASTER.


They are to know that this is a Double-blind trial, that they are not allowed to give any information to the SIBKIN or anyone else to compromise it's integrity.


When asked to state their Rank and Name, they ONLY say Rank and Name, in the order they are assigned; but different from their Opponent assignment.


Assign the First Opponent by a 6-sided die roll: 1-2 = Combatant #1, 3-4 = Combatant #2, and 5-6 = Combatant #3.


Assign the Second Opponent by a 6-sided die roll: 1-2 = Combatant #1, 3-4 = Combatant #2, and 5-6 = Combatant #3; re-roll if First Opponent assigned is rolled again.


Assign the Third Opponent by process of elimination, being not assigned as the First or Second Opponent.


They are ONLY allowed to move towards the Sibkin, once they are verbally activated by the OATHMASTER's grid location; for engagement on sight.


They are to Fight to Kill.


They are NOT to intentionally head-shot (Cockpit) or leg.

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