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Monday, February 19, 2018


Passage 1
“ Hark children of the Clans,

To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears,
Know what has come before;
Remember it as you strive toward the future. 

-- The Remembrance, Passage 1, Verse 1, Lines 1-4 

Passage 22
“ Two score as one mount, four steeds of the Great Father

Descended to return light to paradise, to bring peace to Hell,
But faced the gauntlet that would test them all 

-- The Remembrance, Passage 22, Verse 1, Lines 1-3 

Passage 23
“ Babylon, bright jewel in the dark,

The Heart of the Cobra,
The Skill of the Coyote,
The Courage of the Hellion,
The Rage of the Fox. 

-- The Remembrance, Passage 23, Verse 2, Lines 8–12 

Passage 24
“ Liberation and justice was their goal,

To purge the corruption and to make the land whole,
But through stone and sky and sand and sea,
Bitter Tear's would be Circe's legacy. 

-- The Remembrance, Passage 24, Verse 1, Lines 4-7 

Passage 25
“ Like shining stars the warrior's descended,

A fiery rain to purify and punish,
Yet even angels can be corrupted,
Brought low by base desires. 

-- The Remembrance, Passage 25, Verse 3, Lines 9-11 

Passage 26
“ Bloody vengeance would be Eden's fate,

The heart of darkness,
Doomed to wait,
For the Sons of Kerensky,
Grim and merciless. 

-- The Remembrance, Passage 26, Verse 2, Lines 4-8


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