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Monday, February 19, 2018

Blood Legacy

A Blood Legacy is your genetic information stored in a Canister and used in the clan’s eugenic program to make new warriors. A blooded warrior protects his Legacy and uses it to nominate warriors for the Bloodname Trials.

  • Every True born warrior in the Clans has two Blood lines he was born from in the eugenics program. For our game sake if a warrior wants to secure his bloodheritage and the right to fight for that Bloodname he/she can challenge a blooded warrior to a Legacy Duel. The Blooded warrior sets all the conditions to the fight and if the unblooded warrior wins the fight the full name of the blooded warrior are interred into that warriors Codex as that warrior’s progenitor. If the unblooded losses the fight the blooded warrior may bar that unblooded from ever challenging them again or grant a retry at a later date.
  • A Trial of Possession Legacy. Other Clans may attack for the right to use a blood name. When this happens the attacking Clan proclaims the blooded warrior they wish to claim the Legacy of. That Blooded warrior sets all the conditions of the fight. For instance the Blooded warrior could say  only 2 light mech 6 medium mech and 3 heavy mech and 1 assault restrictions must be honoured by both sides equally regardless on what they are. If the attacking Clan wins that Clan may add the full name to the Codex of 3 of its warriors granting them the right to fight for that Bloodname. If the attacking Clan losses it can never attack for Possession of that blooded warriors blood legacy again.

Blooded warriors may nominate a warrior for a Blood name Trial. If the nominee wins the name the Legacy is added to his Codex.

Seat on the Bloodnamed Council

A seat on the council is the right to voice and a vote on all clan matters. The ruling body of the Clan is the blooded warriors of that Clan.

  • Blooded are privy to privet clan matters and are bound by honor and oath to not speak of what is said in council.
  • Blooded are to never lie in council for only the bold and honorable should ever step foot in council.
  • Blooded warriors must hold them self to a higher standard and never speak ill of another blooded outside of council and only in council if actions are cause for disciplinary action.
  • Blooded warriors must never allow a nonblooded to disrespect a blooded warrior. If one lets this happen it’s the same as if you let your own name to be belittled or pissed on. HONOR EACH OTHER ALWAYS!

Blood Honour Rank

Blooded warriors are not only the best of the best they are the top work horses of the Clan. To them falls the reasonability to always do what is asked of them that is in their ability to do. 

  • A Blooded warrior can hold a greater office like Khan, SaKhan, Loremaster, Oathmaster, or Galaxy Commander.
  • A Blooded warrior is exceptional and is not restricted to some of the clan operational standards and can be moved in rank with consent to any rank or office without trial. As a standard blooded can be moved temporarily or permanent to any rank. If temp they serve as the officer to be challenged so they can be issued a ToP. In this case the blooded warrior is aware he is doing the rank to be toped.
  • A Blooded warrior should have permissions equal to a Star Colonel on web page and voice chat systems. NO one should change any setting without doing a full report to the Loremaster! 

Honoured: Blooded warriors are only equal to other blooded warriors.

  • A blooded warrior should not submit to a Circle of equals with a nonblooded warrior. If the cause for the challenge is too great to dismiss the blooded warrior must except the challenge.
  • A blooded warrior does not have to submit to a ToP if the challenge is made by a nonblooded. Saying NO to tops to Blooded warriors should be the standard. This enforces the drive for nonblooded to want to compete to get a Bloodname.
  • A blooded warrior is the face of the Clan and his or her actions must reflect what the clan stands for.
  • A blooded warrior may never be removed from the Clan without a majority vote of the blooded warriors and only after he/she has faced a formal inquest and had a chance to voice his/her side of the story. If the vote is to remove that warrior there can be no Trial of Refusal for the Clan has spoken.
  • A blooded warrior may do a report for conduct unbecoming a Clan member if this happens it steps into the venue of the Council. This should only be done if disciplinary actions have failed to bring the warrior into good conduct. The Loremaster has last say on action to be taken up and to banishment from the clan. If they are to be removed that warrior cannot Trial of Refusal for the Clan has spoken.
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