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Monday, February 19, 2018

There is two ways to earn a Bloodname in the Clans and both are extremely hard to get.

  • The primary way to get a Bloodname is to fight in a Trial of Birthright see “ToB” in Clan trials.
  • The second is to be awarded a Bloodname for excellent Service or making a profound impact on the Clan.

An example of the second way to get a Bloodname is outlined in the books around Vlad Ward. Most Awarded Names are given posthumously for heroics on the war field by a unanimous vote of all of a Clans Blooded.
Many people think the Awarded Bloodnames hold less merit than ones won by test of arms but this is not true.

Each warrior has two bloodlines in the clans he/she may take claim to. With awarded names it is not unheard of for the two blood houses to fight for the honor to have warrior added to there number.

In Game context most Clans will Award an Outstanding warrior a Bloodname to an empty house and charge him/her to find worthy warriors to compete for that name so the house may grow.
Awarded Bloodnames are selected by the Bloodname Council that it may best serve the Clan not by the warrior granted the name. If a warrior is awarded a name the only way to change it is to win a ToB.

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