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Monday, February 19, 2018

Bloodnames are the single most important part of the Battletech Clans culture.

The Bloodnames form the standard for excellence that all Clan warriors strive to reach. Wile in the Inner Sphere Birth right falls to the first born son of the first born son and so on down threw the generations.
To the Clans this is obscene, for in the Clans it is what you make of your self, not the order in witch you where birthed or what house you belong to.

This tradition in the Battletech universe was based off the first recorded leader to put personal merit before birthright. Temujin “Chingis / Genghis Khan” born in 1162 in the steps of Mongolia died August 18th 1227 and ruled most of Asia 1206-1227.
Temujin’s history is well documented but his two key points on his outlook on leadership found there way into the Battletech game. First concept does not bare much wait to the Bloodnames but is worth honourable mention in it. Temujin believed that every one had the rite to find faith in there own way. Fighting over faith or imposing your faith on others was punishable by death. The Clans in Battletech practice all the old faiths of Terra and some newer ones but only Nova Cats are considered a Religious Clan. As in Mongolia the Clans have no recorded conflicts of faith.

The second concept is that Temujin was the first to reward an individual for his personal merit and completely disregard birthright. It is recorded in Temujin’s campaign to unite the Clans of the Steps he and his officers where on a hill top over looking that battle field when a low born son of the Clan he was fighting flanked Temujin and his officers and managed to get a cut on Temujin’s face before the guards could capture him. Temujin was so impressed with the fighting sprit of the young warrior he promoted him to officer status in his army. As a low born son of the Clan this young man by the old ways was never going to be any thing more that fodder but in Temujin’s eyes he was an example of excellence.
This kind of leadership promotes the concept that you must earn your right to lead not be born into it.

The Battletech Clans Bloodnames are used in the eugenic program with the belief that breeding the best from the best builds potential but does not guaranty it. The Blooded gift there genetics to the Clan to be mixed with other house lines much like animal breading to bring out desirable traits.
It is not uncommon to have a Sibko only bring two or three out of up to 20 to be warriors. Some lines fail so badly that entire lines don’t even make the higher social cast.

The Freeborn members of the Clans are still tested as they grow up and given chances to test out of cast they where born in. Freeborn warriors are considered to have less potential than a trueborn and very rarely earn a Bloodname but it is not unheard of.

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